Innovative and Affordable Information Technology

Remote Data Entry, Communications, and

Reporting for Crude Oil Gathering Operations


The CrudeNet™ System provides each driver/gauger with a hand-held computer and printer for information collection and ticket printing in the field.  Through the connection with the Fleetrax™ On-Board Data System, the hand-held computer is capable of reporting real time truck and driver performance data.  This information is transmitted to the company home office computers or the Internet.

        The handheld computer stores all run ticket data, unloading station inventory and driver duty status records.

        The truck based impact printer allows the driver/gauger to print the ticket and the required number of copies at  the lease site, and also the next shift's dispatch list.

        The Fleetrax™ On-Board Data System is installed in the vehicle and electronically monitors vehicle operations, recording exceptions to preset standards as they occur, as well as date, time, odometer, engine RPM, pump use, and location (latitude & longitude) from the GPS receiver.


         At the office, management receives Fleetrax™ On-Board Data System data and hand-held computer entered data.  CrudeNet™ software automatically arranges the data into a detail and/or summary report of field activities and provides two-way communication with the home office host computer system or the Internet, including Cloud Computing Services options.

         CrudeNet™ generated data can automatically produce dispatch reports, incentive base payroll calculations, crude oil inventory, over and short reports by unloading station, truck maintenance reports, and inspections reports.

         CrudeNet™ maintains tank strapping tables for producer's tanks and calculates tank increment factors used to calculate purchased volume and corrects run ticket volume for temperature and gravity using API standards.

         CrudeNet™ can directly communicate with a Revenue/Royalty Distribution System supplied by Business Tech Applications, Inc. or one that is already in use by the customer to provide run ticket data for payment.

         CrudeNet™ is available for use in truck gathering or pipeline operations.   


CrudeNet™ Features and Functions Include:



Field Entry and Printing of Crude Oil Run Tickets

Other ticket options; Water hauling, Plant Products, Fuel Purchases, Hourly Tickets

Real-time Remote Communications To/From Trucks

Tank Strapping Calculations and Tank Factor Table


Unloading Station Over/Short Inventory Reports

Driver Dispatch System (with Confirmations*)

         Includes Average Gravity and Sulfur Tracking

Interfaces with BTAI Revenue/Royalty Distribution

Integrated with DeLorme Mapping to Locate Trucks

         and Calculate Routes. Provides Drivers with

         Directions to Leases and Unloading Stations

Driver Payroll feed (hourly or commission basis)

Driver and Truck Performance Reports (uses Fleetrax™)

Equipment Status Report – Dispatched, In-shop, Xfer

Fleetrax™ Exception Report Daily Summary

Fuel Ticket Report - Automatically Updates Inventory

Lease Severance Reports – P8, P4, Comptroller, Etc.

Lease Allocation Reports – Unitized Production List

Gathering/Transporter State Reports – (i.e. Texas T-1)

Outside (Third Party) Gathered Reports

C.O.D.E. Format Ticket Data Import and Export

Run Statements

Pre Trip and Post Trip Inspections – Bar Coded

Truck Maintenance Work Order/Shop Ticket System

         Includes Flat Rate Coding and Perpetual Count

         Parts Inventory (with Bill of Materials)


  In use by leading oil gathering/transporter/pipeline companies since 1982.



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