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Refined Products and LPG Distribution System

Business Tech Applications, Inc. uses Fleetrax™ On-Board Data System and hand-held computer technology to calculate and record the sales and inventory transactional data during Refined Products and LPG delivery operations.  Delivery Volumes are read from the truck meter, sales price per gallon is obtained from the hand-held computer customer/location/product/price matrix and the delivery ticket is automatically priced, extended and printed on a truck based printer.


Delivery driver input is kept to a minimum to eliminate data entry errors, incorrect pricing and the chance of employee theft.  Driver entry of the customer name or account number is NOT REQUIRED when the truck is equipped with Fleetrax™ linked locator device (GPS receiver).

The customer data base loaded in the hand-held computer can be updated as often as necessary (daily or real time) to reflect new customer data or market driven product price changes.

Fleetrax™ data and hand-held computer collected transactions data can be uploaded real-time (via RF, cell, WAN, or WWAN/Internet) or uploaded at the end of a shift and can automatically update the customers' accounts receivable balances (or cash sales data), storage inventory and truck inventory.  Uploaded data can also update driver payroll calculation records.

Business Tech Applications, Inc. Refined Products and LPG Distribution System is designed to provide maximum flexibility.  Products and services (packaged oil, oil and fuel filters, pump/meter repair, tank setting, pilot lighting, leak checking, etc.) other than bulk petroleum products can be accounted for without the need for additional software.

Refined Products and LPG Distribution System Features:

Priced and extended tickets printed on truck
Meets NIST and State Standards
Automatic meter interface reads and records the gallons delivered
Automatic customer and price retrieval
Driver end of day summary -  sales and collections balance report
Dispatch and routing systems/Integrated Mapping System
Driver incentive pay calculations (commissions)
Refined Products and LPG inventory (storage, truck, meter tanks)
Service work orders and parts inventory
Bottle plant and Motor fuel island automatic interface
Tank rental billing
Metered gas billing
Meter reading using hand-held computer
Complete accounting with:

        General Ledger, Financial Statements, Receivables, Payables, Purchase Orders,         Inventory, Service Work Orders

Multi company
Multi location
Multi user
Client/Server based and/or
           VPN, LAN, WAN and WWAN/Internet (Cloud Computing) compatible

In use by leading companies Since 1991




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